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“You looks like Indian” – The Fine Balance of Being an Indian from the West, While Living in India

I have both travelled through and lived in Mother India several times, anywhere from three months to a year at a time, and each time I still find myself working on the balance of being an Indian born in the west, while journeying in the east. Because you see, I know better. Or at least, I should. Or so that’s what I’m told, in various direct and indirect forms.

India’s values and customs are rooted in my conditioning from being born and raised in a western society within an eastern tradition, by very traditional (Brahmin) parents.

Growing up in this way also meant I was not allowed to have male friends, let alone date. Ever. Looking back, the funniest part of this conundrum was that I was a tomboy and very athletic in my youth, which meant most of my friends were boys! (Little to my parent’s knowledge.)

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