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Arunachala Shiva: Where I Burn, In the Fire of Wisdom

We all have a place we can journey to – be it physical, heartful – and/or in the spirit realm. A place where we Be. Where we wait, still – quiet. Stewing. Unassumingly anticipating what eventually reaches the surface. A ripeness. That we can truly drop into. With time and spaciousness. This dissection. A process of unravelling. And we work with it. So that it may ultimately, burn up. And dissolve. In the fire of wisdom.

Sometimes this sequence unfolds without any planning. Without any intention. We could very well be at home sitting on our comfy couch. And BAM. We are struck with a most profound opening.

At home or not, totally prepared or not – we initiate this distinct journey to probe deeper into ourselves. Into this Creation. Into the nature of reality. Into Us. There is no timeline amid this – practice. Pilgrimage. Vision Quest. Intensive. Retreat. Or whatever form this particular passage takes for you. It happens when we are really and truly ready to see clearly. And cut through. Even unwillingly, at first. Like even before the particular thought related to our intention actually appears in the mind. In those instances, the higher source is calling us, because at some level – be it subconscious perhaps – we are so ready.

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me and arunachala 2012