Satya Is is an offering and a celebration of all that is sacred and non-dual. It covers subjects like yoga, devotion, the sacred divine feminine and masculine, holistic health – as well as insight and inspiration from Indian pilgrimages and other life experiences. It is inspired by all that flows from the inner most reaches of the heart and soul, emanating outwards as the bright light that we truly are. And have always been.

Satya – author of Satya Is – comes from 20 years of experience in editorial/project management/events/marketing.

She has a passion for supporting people in connecting with their highest and deepest potential. For the past 18 years, Satya’s life has largely encompassed the study of yoga in its many facets, self inquiry, spiritual pilgrimage – and more specifically, work that supports deepening and expansion. She’s most interested in contributing to the dissolution of humanity’s layers, in order to return to our True Essence. She does this mainly through working behind the scenes for wellness practitioners and spiritual teachers of various disciplines. She also leads Vedic Fire Ceremonies, workshops, and women’ circles. Satya’s entire life is inspired by living in alignment with and as embodied Truth.

To learn more contact Satya here.

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