Arunachala Shiva: Where I Burn, In the Fire of Wisdom

We all have a place we can journey to – be it physical, heartful – and/or in the spirit realm. A place where we Be. Where we wait, still – quiet. Stewing. Unassumingly anticipating what eventually reaches the surface. A ripeness. That we can really drop into. With time and spaciousness. This dissection. A process of unravelling. And we work with it. So that it may ultimately, burn up. And dissolve. In the fire of wisdom. … More Arunachala Shiva: Where I Burn, In the Fire of Wisdom

Ramana’s Monkey

Amid enjoying the bliss and silence of the morning in this most sacred and serene space — suddenly we spotted a brown monkey take off with a woman’s plastic bag filled with what looked to be some offerings for the temple. We did not think anything of it, as this is a typical occurrence in Mother India. But what happened next, we could not have imagined!
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Arunachala ~ Fire Incarnation of Shiva

“The supreme knowledge (Self-knowledge), which cannot be attained without great difficulty, can easily be attained by anyone who sees the form of this hill from wherever it is visible or who even thinks of it by mind from afar.” – Shiva, Arunachala Mahatmyam Arunachala is a fire incarnation of Shiva. It means “the unchanging light,” … More Arunachala ~ Fire Incarnation of Shiva