The Mother Archetype: Biological to Divine

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 11.09.57 PM 1
Mother and daughter, 2002.

We are seemingly born from our mother’s womb. She is our first caretaker, our first teacher. Our first human contact, our first connection. First binding experience. First presence. Our first authority. Mother knows best, as they say.

Post-puberty in our teenage years perhaps we rebel. Act out. Defy. Question. Push away. Disconnect. Distance. And maybe think – “no, she doesn’t know what’s best for me!” In all our rage, amid all of our rebellion. Seeming separation unfolds.

Years go by, then onto our 20s. We collect experiences. Try new things. Do what we’ve always wanted to do, now that we have broken free from the chains of authority. And so we go on a crash course escape of everything under the sun: sex, drugs and rock and roll…

And then. We stop. At some point. (But not all of us.) And for those who do, something happens. Something big. Significant. That shakes and rocks our world with an enormous strength. Kicking our feet right out from underneath us. We fall to our knees. Astonished. Numb. Our mind hasn’t caught up with the moment, just yet. It’s blurry. Our breath is short. Our body temperature rising. Tightness in the stomach. In a split second our world has seemingly shattered in some form.

Perhaps we were struck by a vehicle, now broken in many places. Once so active. Now bed-ridden. For months, maybe years. Slowly learning how to walk again. How to live again.

Maybe the life-altering event was a near fatal illness, or a heart-wrenching break up. Perhaps the sudden death of someone so very close. For some, it was all of the above. And more. Yet whatever it was. It was immense. And something in us shifted dramatically. So much so that we never ever were that same person again. How could we be? For now, we were looking out through a new filter. And a much clearer One.

We see with a new set of eyes. Through this new lens. This new layer of being. We can never go back. Simply because there is no choice. This is it. For this Is. All of that apparent experience guided this very moment.

And so we begin to walk on the path slowly. Returning in this new way. Carefully. Like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon. Paying attention to everything. Simply because we don’t want to miss anything. Not one detail. So we listen. We watch. We feel. Both inner and outer. In this new way. Amid this rebirth. This transformation. This initiation. A resurrection.

Naturally something fresh is present. For some it’s always been there, yet here it is in this deeper, more profound form. A belief in something greater than ourselves existing. Beyond this body/mind entity. This guide. This leader. This Presence. That is always there. Showing the way. Walking beside us. Within us. Giving us something to believe in, other than ourselves. And actually, we recognize this very vibration as ourselves.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 5.37.36 PM
Durga Ma, aka: Universal Mother.

And with time, through life and it’s many seeming ebbs and flows, we begin to trust this Presence more and more, letting go into it. Into Her. Having utmost faith in this Light. In this Divine delight. To Guide Us. Seeing her Presence in all things, in all beings. In the seeming good, bad, ugly and beautiful. Like a stunning lotus flower. This Giver of life. Unconditionally loving, devoted and always there. Never alone. Always in her glorious company. The greatest company, in fact! Falling in Love with this Divinity. And experiencing the greatest Love affair of our lives. JAI MAAA!


“By you this universe is borne, By you this world is created, O Devi, by you it is protected.”

– Devi Mahatmya

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