The Power Behind Expression & Speech –> Matangi

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“Only one thing is more frightening than speaking your truth, and that is not speaking it.” – Naomi Wolf

How often do you find yourself holding back on speaking up on your ideas, your beliefs, and for yourself in general? As women, we have been taught to be “good girls,” to stay quiet, be polite – not be a troublemaker. It’s a constant struggle that we see in the corporate, academic, and even spiritual world. How do we develop our own power and use our voice?

Enter Matangi  – the ninth Wisdom Goddess (of the Dasha Mahavidyas) who governs speech, knowledge, music, and the arts.  Emerald green in colour, she sits on a throne, surrounded by parrots while playing the veena (a musical instrument). As she strums, the parrots mimic the sounds giving way to language. She is the overseer of the spoken word, more importantly – the power behind expression and speech.

In her highest truth, she is not bound by rules. Incarnated as a chandal or untouchable, she achieved the highest status through practice and karma. She rose above superficial customs and remains undiminished, eternal and infinite – no matter what is created out of her supreme brilliance.

By communing with her energetic quality, her Goddess strength and power can illuminate your own. Just as she takes a prominent role to minister the goddess Tripura Sundari (the third Dasha Mahavidya), allow her to minister your words – and remain undiminished, eternal and infinite in the knowing and feeling of the I AM.


My words matter.

My ideas matter.

I am seen.

I am heard.


Here we offer a simple japa (mantra chanting) meditation.

Using the bija (seed sound) of AIM (sounded as “I’m”), repeat softly aloud or silently in your mind 108 times:


Feel the power of sound reverberate through your being as the wisdom and gifts of Matangi fill You.


Watch for our final post in this Dasha Mahavidyas series, in which we have been giving you a small glimpse into these Ten Wisdom Goddesses that we will be inquiring into during Shakti Sadhana: A Woman’s Pilgrimage into the Indian Himalayas. During our upcoming journey, we will be reflecting on each goddess’s light and shadow aspects, as a mirror into our own inner landscape – in order to help us dissolve that which no longer serves – and celebrate, share and honour that which is heartfully TRUE. O DIVINE MOTHER! Come join us!

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