Kamalatmika: The Truth About Beauty

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

– Confucius

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As we come to the last post of this empowering and heartening series on the 10 Great Wisdom Goddesses over these last 10 weeks – we are finally met with the brilliantly, radiant Kamalatmika. She is named after the beautiful lotus flower that grows untainted from murky waters – and emerges as a lustrous, fragrant blossom. She is “the grace that bestows beauty into that mesmerizing sunset, that haunting melody, that exquisite touch of the beloved, that juiciness of the perfectly ripe fruit, and that lingering fragrance of the rose bloom.” She is the Grace manifest in all things.

How often and how easily do you find yourself caught up in the idea of what is beautiful – while at the same time rejecting what “is not?” Do you push away that which you believe to be ugly or contaminated like certain thoughts, emotions, or habits?

When we attune to Kamalatmika’s vibration, we discover that all is beautiful – the good, bad, and the ugly. Rather than pushing away that which creates suffering, instead we allow it to arise and simply Be. When uncomfortable emotions like grief, envy, or fear appear, there is no reactivity for change present. Instead, we can allow it to emerge – for this is a great act of self love. Without unconditional acceptance of our own projected “flaws,” we will always remain separate from our Truth – our Fullness.

We find contentment when we realize we are Wholly beautiful – that the dark and the light within us are equal. When we allow our shadows in and fully accept them, we become Whole. When we understand there is nothing lacking within us, fullness streams, steeping every internal and external experience in beautiful bliss.


Here we offer you a short, simple practice by Kavitha M.Chinnaiyan:

Contemplate Kamalatmika’s radiant form.

How does her beauty manifest in your life?

Make a list of all the situations that appear to have none of her beauty.

What kind of shift in your outlook can change so you can perceive her in them?

See HER, BEAUTY manifest, in everything and everywhere.


Now that you’ve received just a slight taste of the power of the Ten Wisdom Goddesses (Dasha Mahavidyas) over these last 10 weeks, go deeper into this inquiry by joining Shakti Sadhana: A Woman’s Pilgrimage into the Indian Himalayas. During this exploration, we will be reflecting on each goddess’s light and shadow aspects in more profound and compelling forms. This inquiry will continue to serve as a clear mirror into our own inner landscape – in order to heal our wounded parts – and subsequently, settle into our True Radiance. OM PURNAMIDAM!

Image: vedicgoddess.weebly.com

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