Tripura Sundari: Truth, Consciousness and Bliss + New Moon Inquiry Practice

In our time and culture, it’s easy to get lost in the world of desire – to do more, be more, and get more – perhaps forgetting that our attention, our power – can be directed to something much more full and true – knowing that we are That. Nevertheless, we do need desire, because without desire there would be no Creation – nor sustenance of it. Desire is the form through which the “nothingness” of Truth expresses as its “everythingness.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 6.23.19 PMThis desire is represented by Tripura Sundari, the third Dasha Mahavidya (of the Ten Wisdom Goddesses). She represents the very first desire – encompassed in pure light, beauty, and innocence – which most times gets muddied by the conditioning of selfishness, the illusion of lack, greed, and an endless chasing of sense objects. Tripura Sundari means the beauty of the three cities of Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss. When we step into Tripura Sundari’s frequency, we can see the beauty in ourselves – the beauty in the Truth of being Whole. She reminds us to live in this world with a light-hearted playfulness, remembering that desire is not about what we get, but knowing who we truly are. Are we grounded, clear and in our power? Have we/Are we cultivated/cultivating an incessant knowing of our innate fullness?

As the new moon approaches on December 6th/7th, with Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system conjunct (appearing on top of) this new moon, it offers us a great opportunity to plant new intentions of expansion, transformation, and growth. If we can surrender to the Goddess Tripura Sundari absolutely and wholeheartedly, we have the opportunity to be gifted the manifestation of what is absolutely true in us. Knowing our innate wholeness, we can conceivably take the leap of faith to pursue that desire which forms in us as truly and heartfully meaningful to our truest calling – that pursuit of deepening into our fullest potential.

We invite you to take some time in the coming days of the new moon to reflect on the wisdom of Tripura Sundari and your own deepest desire in relation to the the bird’s eye view of your life.

Here we offer you a practice of inquiry to help set intention for this upcoming new moon:

Find a comfortable seat, either in easy pose, cross legged, on the floor, or in a chair.

Take a few moments to connect with your breath, to connect with your body.

Bring your left hand over your heart and your right hand over your womb space. Allow your attention and breath to flow between these two powerful feminine centres. The womb space is the seat and space of our desire – the centre for creation and creativity – while the heart space holds the burning light of feeling.

Breathe deeply into these areas and notice, how are you feeling in this moment?

Allow breath to flow in and out, with each out breath making space for the new….

How do you WANT to feel?

For just a few minutes, rather than think of what you desire to achieve, accomplish, or acquire…

Reflect on how would you feel if you had already achieved, accomplished or acquired that desire.

What feelings would this bring about? Joy, contentment, confidence, security, peace?

Write down whatever words arise and take some time to sit with them.

Choose one word and repeat it silently, allowing the waves of feeling to wash over you.

Can you surrender to Tripura Sundari and take the leap of faith?

Can you feel this feeling with every breath? To the depths of your being, the tips of your fingers,  to the tips of your toes?

Embrace the desire of feeling, and Feel it with all of YOU.

Bask in the bliss of knowing you are already THAT.


For it is your True Nature. Never a moment not.


For a much deeper dive into the wisdom on the Dasha Mahavidyas and the healing practices related to these powerful Goddesses, we warmly invite you to join us for Shakti Sadhana: A Woman’s Spiritual Pilgrimage into the Indian Himalayas.


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