Bhuvaneshwari: Goddess of S P A C E + Accompanying Yogasan Practice Video

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“Let go of what was to make space for what will be [your fullest potential].”


Chances are you’ve found yourself feeling restrained or limited as a result of a past experience, or an old pattern. We can blindly go about our lives repeatedly in situations in which we don’t allow ourselves the time or space to process – instead burying our authentic thoughts and emotions, only to leave our bodies and minds to silently carry this weight.

The fourth Dasha Mahavidya – Bhuvaneshwari – invites us to call upon her qualities of overcoming any type of false identification or preconceived notion of ourselves, by tuning into the infinite space of Divine love and Truth.

Known as the Glorious Queen of the whole realm of Creation and the Cosmic Mother – she is SPACE itself. The physical space of our body; the mental space of our mind; and the subtle space of our heart.

When we work with the abundance of Bhuvaneshwari, we create a sacred space inside of our being – freeing ourselves from limited forms, conceptions, and attachments.

In honour of Bhuvaneswari, we offer a simple yet powerful practice to come into the knowing of the space within, by attuning to the space throughout.

We invite you to watch this short 1.5 minute video clip of a flowing Yogasan practice. You can extend this practice to 10 minutes. Here, we implement the connection to our heart and womb space, along with the space around us, to draw in universal energy of love and acceptance.


I give up freely what is no longer serving me,
I release it to create space for what inspires me.”

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This post is just a little taster of what’s to come in our full 18-day immersion during Shakti Sadhana: A Woman’s Pilgrimage into the Indian Himalayas. Won’t you join us?


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